IMRS (Identical Multi Repeat Sequences) is a novel concept in de-novo mining of pathogen genomes. Unlike other techniques, the approach identifies all possible varying sizes of repeat sequence regions distributed throughout the genome in an very uneven pattern to identify any two close by repeat regions which can be used as primer/probe set. While conventional techniques hybridize/amplify one specific target region, IMRS biomarker primer/probes initiate hybridization/amplification at multiple places. This results in a much larger number of products making the assay 10x-100x sensitive than conventional and, specific, possibility for using direct/ non-invasive clinical samples/ flexibility in developing assays- Amplification/ hybridization.




ICSR (Identical Common Stable Region) is another non-conventional approach in viral genome analysis to identify stable regions across millions of genotypes/lineages to make the assay inclusive, sensitive.




ISO-IMRS (Isothermal-Identical Multi Repeat Sequence) built on IMRS platform to identify repeat regions same like IMRS but to identify any four close by repeat regions where two can serve as outer primer set and other two can serve as inner primer set. We have identified that it is possible to run isothermal IMRS assay with just two primers provided the two repeat patterns arranged in such a way that primer initiation and elongation happens uninterruptedly at single temperature. Our recent publication successfully demonstrated two primer based iso-IMRS assay development with plasmodium